Training Work Permit


An employer can apply for a Training Work Permit (TWP), for:

    • Semi-skilled or unskilled employees from related overseas companies to undergo training in Singapore
    • Foreign students studying in educational institutions in Singapore.

For semi-skilled or unskilled employees from related overseas companies:

    • Employers of TWP holders will be required to pay the levy according to their industry sector
    • The TWP holders will be capped at the company’s sectoral Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC).

For foreign students:

    • Employers of TWP holders will not incur levy
    • Employers will be allowed to hire TWP holders at 5%* of the total workforce or 15 trainees, whichever is lower. Total workforce includes locals, S Pass holders and Work Permit holders only.

* This means 5% of your total workforce can be TWP holders. This is an additional 5% over and above your company’s Dependency Ratio Ceiling for foreign workers.

The TWP is valid for up to six months.

Documents Required

These documents and information are required for Training Work Permit applications

1. Training Work Permit application form
Download pdfTraining Work Permit Application Form

2. A letter from the local employer stating:

    1. That the foreign trainee is an employee of the local company during the training period in Singapore;
    2. The training purpose and duration;
    3. That the local company will be responsible for repatriating the trainee back to the trainee’s home country once the training is completed.

3. For trainees who are employees of a foreign company, the letter from local employers should also include:

    1. The relationship between the local and overseas companies (e.g. subsidiary, associate, joint venture, customer, sub-contractor, etc);
    2. Documents to show the relationship between the local and overseas companies (e.g. annual reports, tax invoices, contracts, etc).

4. Foreign students studying in private educational institutions in Singapore should produce a copy of their student pass and a letter stating:

    1. Field of study
    2. Course duration
    3. Course registration date and expected graduation date
    4. That training is part of the course requirement
    5. Required training period.

Important information:
Applicants who hold non-English documents or certificates are required to submit a copy of the original papers and the official English translation certified by the respective embassy, University/College.


These are the fees collected for each Training Work Permit application:

Upon submission of each application: An administrative fee of $30
Upon issuance request:  Training Work Permit – $30 per issue

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