Why a Cover Letter Is So Important?

Do you ever realize that a mere typo error in your resume cover letter could lose your chance of getting hired for a job that you’ve been wanting?

Most employers, especially those world class companies from all over the world, would claim that there’s a 99 percent chance that they will never look at a resume if the cover letter contains even a minor grammatical mistake. According to them, if an applicant cannot present a perfect image when searching for a job, then it simply means that they are not perfect for the job position at all.

cover letter

Resumes sent via e-mails to any company that does not contain any cover letter are often deleted. This is a sad reality, knowing that most job seekers would often spend so much time polishing their resume, without knowing that the cover letter is also as important as the resume itself.

The cover letter is actually a good venue for an applicant to talk about their experiences that are directly related to the specific job opening. It is a good way to share your special abilities and to assure the employers that you are the best person for that position. Basically, the cover letter’s purpose is to sell yourself to the employer.

People would often rush through their cover letters without taking much time to analyze the letter or proofread what they have written. Remember that this is the first written proof that your employers would see that would talk about your skills and capabilities. Therefore, you should make good at it. A good cover letter should be direct to the point, and would be able to explain the reason why you are applying for that certain position. Also, this is where you’re going to ask the employer to review the attached documents, which are the resume and other credentials, as these are the documents that lists in detail all your work experiences and educational attainment.

Essentially, a cover letter just needs to have a short paragraph or maybe two at most, and would be able to explain in a nutshell who you are and what you do, as well as the reason why you deserve the job you are applying for.

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