How To Deal With Work Related Stress

Stress in the workplace is something we all have to deal with at one point of our careers. The stress levels in the work place vary depending on the kind of job you do. It could also depend on the work environment that you are in.

There are various kinds of work related stress such as, deadlines that have to be met, disagreements with colleagues or even with employers. It can occur if your given job description does not take into consideration the skills you have.

work related stress

There are many ways in which you can deal with work related stress. They include, changing your working hours, especially when you find you are kept very long hours in the office. You can also reduce the amount of work you are expected to do by delegating to someone else. In addition you need to have some set limits so that you do not end up with other peoples work load. You might even consider improving on your skills so that you are better equipped to do your job.

When dealing with work related stress you need to engage in other activities that will help you relax. Such activities include, visiting a gym, engaging in sports activities, gardening or listening to music. You also require adequate sleep so that your body is properly rested. It is also important to make time for family and friends. You should also try to maintain a healthy diet to meet your nutritional needs. However, when one still feels that they are unable to cope, then they should take some time off. In some severe cases you might be required to change jobs altogether.

There are various signs of someone who is dealing with work related stress. These include; substance abuse such as alcohol and excessive smoking, mood swings, eating disorders, increased irritability, sleep disruption. A person gets involved in disagreements with family members and colleagues. One begins to absent themselves regularly from the work place and is more prone to incidences of headaches. They are also likely to suffer from lack of motivation and their job no longer excites or interests them.

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